Fair Use


The exhibits of the Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules are dedicated to our beloved teachers and to students everywhere and the dedicated instructors who teach them. It is our fervent hope that rapid adoption of 3-D, computer-implemented models will speed both students and teachers toward rewarding, deep understanding of the relationships between structure and function of Nature, which we too have been privileged to glimpse as we prepare these exhibits.


Our view of fair use includes connection to our website(s) by all students on their personal computers and in computer labs or by their teachers in class using computers and suitable display devices. Commercial use, including redistribution of our materials or reworking of our materials, without prior permission and consent, will be considered a hostile misappropriation of our intellectual property, and our institutions will endeavor to recoup damages and penalties. On the other hand, if a “Teacher-of-the-Year” should arise using our material, we will be content with a polite tip of the hat. We will always enjoy hearing directly from the students and teachers using our materials. Please view the Feedback Page or send comments directly to: Virtual Museum Comments.


These files are not public property and all rights are reserved to their authors, The Minerals & Molecules Project. They may not be modified or used in a distributed work without written permission from their authors. This means that the files may not be copied and added to other web pages accessible on the world wide web without permission; the files may also not be copied to disk or CD-ROM for distribution without permission. Direct links to these files, however, are welcome and efforts will be made to keep them available at their current locations.

Bibliographic Citation:

Current best practices in citation of electronic resources suggest that electronic sources be treated as the same kind of material in print. Start with the author, date (the date when the publication was placed on the Internet or was copyrighted, the latest date of any update or revision, and the date when the person doing the citing saw the publication), article or web page title, content and medium designators (in brackets; e.g., [Online], or [CD-ROM]), extent (number of pages, screens, lines, para-graphs, or bytes, in brackets), publisher, and place of publication. We therefore recommend that bibliographic citation to the VMMM should be:

Barak, P., and E.A. Nater. 2015. The Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules. 1998-2015. [Online]. [c. 100 p.] Available at http://virtual-museum.soils.wisc.edu (modified xx YYY 200z; accessed xx YYY 200z; verified xx YYY 200z). Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.

Since citations to non-print media are not likely to be picked up by Science Citation Index, we would very much appreciate that any citations of the Virtual Museum in print be brought to our attention.